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By tailoring our services to each and every client, we have been able to maximize the impact of our work. Here are some recent case studies.

Happy young students studying in a libra


Scencia works with Staf, the peak collaborative body of the city of Stockholm and its 18 higher education institutions, to profile Stockholm as an international student city. The work has resulted in a significant number of articles and a new PR function.

Diver on Beach

THE maldives

In Northern Europe, the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board and Scencia have worked together to increase awareness of tourism on the Maldives and the local impact of climate change, which has generated large features in leading publications across the region.

hastens 2.jpg


Hästens, the luxury bed maker, tasked Scencia with restructuring their global PR function, whilst managing their global media efforts. The work involved implementing a new PR approach and leading ten PR agencies across Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Happy Family


For five years, Scencia worked closely with UN WOMEN (formerly known as UNIFEM) to empower women by supporting various projects and developing communications platforms and materials for digital and print.



For years, Scencia and the Hult Prize Foundation have worked together to increase awareness of some of the world's toughest issues and ways in which they can be solved. The work has resulted in significant press.

Professional Applause


At CleanEquity Monaco, an annual conference hosting the world's most sustainable and resource-efficient technologies, Scencia has been tasked with interviewing over 30 CEOs.

books in a line


After Taschen tasked Scencia with targeting global media and influencers to promote its leading book series, a large number of media placements and endorsements were secured across Europe, MENA, and Asia. The campaign had an instant impact on sales.

Female College Students


EF, the world's largest private education company, and Scencia have worked together to maximize EF's media impact. One of the latest projects focused on developing media relations in India. 

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape


ArrivalGuides, the world’s largest network of destination content (formerly known as Fastcheck) commissioned Scencia to promote their brand across North America and producing content for various channels.

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