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Global Child Forum Releases Benchmark Report on Child Rights 

30 November 2023 – This month, Scencia client Global Child Forum, and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) unveiled the groundbreaking report "The State of Children's Rights and Business 2023." The comprehensive analysis of 795 companies exposes a concerning decline in corporate responsibility towards children.


The report shows that the average score, among the surveyed companies, fell from 5.1 to 4.9 out of 10 since 2021. 


Key findings also revealed that while 87% of the companies claim a child labor policy, only 49% conduct follow-up audits, and merely 30% report incidents or risks. Additionally, the marketplace impact score - which covers marketing and labelling practices - was deeply troubling, averaging a mere 2.2 out of 10 and underscoring substantial room for improvement.

Scencia joins the Global Child Forum in calling for urgent collective and individual action to address these concerning revelations.

CEO of Scencia, Jenny Harler, said:

"As a communications and marketing agency, we take this report and its findings seriously. These metrics aren't just statistics; they're a call to action and in our role as a partner to various businesses, we are committed to raising the bar for our industry and helping to shape a future where every child's well-being is non-negotiable."

Global Child Forum brings together global leaders to spur action for social change around children’s rights and has been a client of Scencia since 2022.

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