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Our CEO, Jenny Harler, started Scencia in Stockholm, Sweden, back in 2006. Prior to that, she had already worked with global brands such as Universal Studios, Swarovski, and Volvo, while covering multiple markets.

As the CEO of Scencia, Jenny works closely with each of our clients and 
has spearheaded impactful campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and family businesses across 90 countries. 

Jenny is also a global PR and communications strategist and has personally helped hundreds of new and established business leaders to expand their impact. 


A champion for women and children, she has devoted years to advising UN Women and served on the board of her local chapter of Save the Children. As of 2022, she collaborates with Global Child Forum, advocating for children's rights in the private and financial sectors.

Outside of the agency, Jenny has held executive roles such as Global Director of Communications for Hult at EF, the world's largest education company, and Head of Communications for the Hult Prize Foundation, addressing pressing global issues under the partnership of EF and President Bill Clinton.

Photo: Knut Capra Pedersen


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