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Scencia Launches Global CEO Branding Practice

In a move set to redefine executive leadership, Scencia is launching a global CEO branding practice. Geared towards empowering both emerging and established business leaders, the program aims to amplify thought leadership and catalyze impact on a global scale.


Scencia's CEO branding solution is a toolkit, meticulously crafted to equip leaders with the skills and strategies needed to ascend to new heights. From personalized branding strategies to targeted media campaigns, the comprehensive offering ensures that CEOs can communicate authentically and to a vast audience.

"In today's business world, being a CEO is more than just leading—it's about having a personal vision and realizing it. For that reason, our solution is not just designed to help leaders climb the professional ladder but to grow into the best version of themselves and making a genuine impact,” says Jenny Harler, CEO at Scencia.

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For the past 15 years, Scencia has been a leader in executive branding, while specializing in CEO branding.

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