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Task: Strengthen Stockholm's Reputation as a World-Leading Academic Destination

Staf supports Stockholm's 18 higher learning institutions and the City of Stockholm in promoting the city as a national and international academic powerhouse. 

In a multi-year collaboration with Stockholm Academic Forum (Staf), Scencia strategically worked to bolster Stockholm's reputation as a leading national and global student destination. Building on the momentum of previous years, during which international student numbers had steadily increased, the objective was to not only sustain this growth but also solidify the city's standing and garner positive press coverage.

Scencia developed and executed a comprehensive - and highly inclusive - global strategy, that included solidifying the organization's communications work, while creating distinct identities for Staf and its research department Staf Analytics. Scencia also helped to develop Stockholm Dual Career Network to support visiting academics and their families, which later earned the agency an award. 

Through targeted media relations efforts, Scencia secured substantial coverage with both Swedish and international media outlets and news agencies, such as Swedish Radio (SR), Svenska Dagbladet, SVT, Dagens Industri, Expressen, Metro, Chinese Radio International, and Xinhua News Agency.

Scencia also engaged in branded journalism to increase social media engagement.

The results were significant and resulted in a successful synergy between strategic communication, branding, and engagement, positioning Stockholm as a prominent academic destination on the national and global stage. The strategic branding efforts also strengthened the image of Staf and Staf Analytics. 

Expertise Applied

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Audience Analysis

  • Media Outreach

  • Brand Journalism

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