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The Hult Prize empowers young leaders to drive social change by finding innovative, sustainable solutions to global challenges.

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Task: Empowering The Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

Over a span of four years, Scencia constructed a robust global communications platform to amplify the Hult Prize's mission while lending support to the organization's goal of nurturing the next generation of social entrepreneurs. In this timeframe, the movement underwent substantial growth and expanded tenfold.

Scencia's strategic endeavors included securing noteworthy media coverage on prominent platforms such as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, The Times, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Esquire, Inc., Metro, and Forbes. Simultaneously, the Hult Prize broadened its impact, witnessing a significant uptick in local, national, and global coverage across five continents and establishing nearly 1,000 campus-held competitions.

Scencia has also played a pivotal role in orchestrating media relations during the esteemed Hult Prize Awards at both the Clinton Global Initiative and the United Nations Headquarters in New York, which also served to open UN Week.

Expertise Applied

  • Strategy Planning and Execution

  • CEO Branding

  • Media Outreach

  • Partner Liaison

  • Event Management Et

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