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GotlandRing, nestled in the eco-region of Gotland, has established itself as the world's most sustainable test and race circuit, while proving itself to be a powerful catalyst for increased sustainability in the motoring industry.

TopGear Speed Week at GotlandRing 2023.

Task: Paving the Way for A More Sustainable Motoring Industry

During our long-standing partnership with GotlandRing, we've had the pleasure of supporting this unique and trailblazing race facility on its journey to develop the world's most sustainable motoring venue. Throughout, GotlandRing has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to creating a more sustainable future for the motoring industry, with environmental responsibility seamlessly integrated into every aspect of its work.

Most recently, Scencia supported GotlandRing in welcoming the world’s largest motoring brand, BBC TopGear, to the race circuit. During their visit, TopGear conducted its first low-carbon Speed Week at the facility, coinciding with GotlandRing's 20th-anniversary celebrations.

The exclusivity of the events extended beyond the track, with over 850 million subscribers and followers treated to behind-the-scenes content. GotlandRing also graced the cover of TopGear Magazine’s November issue of 2023, featuring prominently across an impressive 63 pages.

In Sweden, Scencia secured widespread publicity with leading media outlets such as Dagens Industri, SVT (Swedish Television), SR (Swedish Radio), and Teknikens Värld.


The media coverage resonated both in Sweden and globally, positioning GotlandRing at the forefront of both speed and sustainability.

The collaboration between Scencia and GotlandRing represents a compelling narrative of how a race course can serve as a model of innovation, reminding us all that speed and sustainability can coexist on the fast track to a greener future.

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